Mecosta "The Village" Free Methodist Church
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Pastor's Message


Sunday Worship                11 am

(Welcome to lunch following the service)

Wednesday Evenings        7 - 8 pm

PASTOR:  Dar H. Howard
Mecosta FMC - PO Box 275  
Mecosta, MI  49332
AMAZING! who’d a thought?

March 2, 2014, The Mecosta “The Village” Free Methodist Church hosted a Fellowship Formation Service. This service was a defining moment in our church history as we formally organized under the North Michigan Conference of the Free Methodist Church USA. Members of our mother church, the Lighthouse Community Church, and conference Supt’ Tom Doherty were there to celebrate this event which culminated with the signing of the Fellowship Formation document, including pastor Dar Howard, conference Supt’ Tom Doherty and members of both churches.

AMAZING! who’d a thought?

After actually years of prayer, that have continued, a mutual vision to start a church in Mecosta was cast. This vision quickly took root incubated in an in-home bible study. Soon it sprouted to Sunday services in the “Sluggers” building, main street Mecosta. Flourishing, this little “upstart” in the Lord began to bear fruit, formed a viable society, and has even entertained ideas of a new facility.

AMAZING! who’d a thought?

A wonderful people, have come together to form the Village Church family, a group that is willingly learning to accept and love, not just each other, but everyone.

Amazing, who’d a thought!

“Happy, Happy, Happy is “The Mecosta Village Church”—Proverbs 3:13”

God has been working mightily in the lives of the people of Mecosta. We are finding out how blessed we are to have opened our ears and our hearts to the word of God. We are finding that the insight that has come with our receiving His word is worth far more than money in the bank and a big salary. Its value exceeds all that earthly things can afford; nothing that we can ask for holds a candle to our receiving Gods love. Daily we encourage each other with beautiful testimonies of Gods working; making our life complete. We have found the very ‘Tree of Life’ and are committed to holding tight. After all, our God created and holds together the whole universe and has certainly made for our provision. “Mathew 6:33”

AMAZING! who’d a thought?

I have realized that I can only respond by getting down on my knees before God, this magnificent Father who gives every good thing.

My Prayer is this: Father, I ask you to continue to strengthen us by your Spirit—not brute strength,… but glorious inner strength—as Christ lives in us. And Father with both feet planted firmly on love, (the gospel of peace), we’ll reach out and experience the width the length and the depth of your love… and rise to new heights, living lives in the fullness of God. And Father God,… you can do anything—far more that we could ever imagine or guess or request in our wildest dreams! You don’t do it by pushing us around but by working within us,… your Spirit deeply and gently within us. Glory to God, in Jesus wonderful and precious name—Amen! Amen! “Ephesians 3:14-21” MSG

It’s AMAZING! God thought of us!!

Blessings; Pastor Dar